Becoming Human

I am currently reading 2 books at once, something I do frequently I am interested in learning more about a topic.

Covers of both books, linked below

Of Such is the Kingdom: A Theology of Disability by Summer Kinard

On the Human Condition by St Basil the Great

Human Nature

It is overwhelming clear in the the gospels and miracles of Christ that all are valued equally in the eyes of God. Yet, it seems we often struggle to see value in our neighbors for a variety of reasons.

Summer Kinard writes beautifully in her book about the misconception of “human nature.” That we use this phrase to excuse our mistakes and shortcomings. Kinard instead points to the redemption our nature was given in both the Creation and the Incarnation.

St Basil

This summer I read the SVS collection of homilies by St Basil On Social Justice.

Heavily influenced by his sister St Macrina the Younger and his mother St Emelia, he writes extensively about wealth and poverty.

Public image from Wikipedia

In On the Human Condition St Basil points to our creation in the image of God. We are molded from the clay and given the likeness of the Trinity. This grants each of us spiritual value and the possibility for Theosis.

In the third homily included in this publication we are instructed on that God is not the cause of evil. Evils are not disabilities or illnesses, but the passions.

Icons of Christ

Pulling all 3 books together to gain a clearer “theology of disability,” as Kinard puts it is essential to our life in Christ and the Church. Treating all people as icons of Christ and worthy of our kindness and compassion is essential to the Christian faith. We must work to remove the scales from our own eyes that so often prevent us from seeing others as clearly in the image of God.

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